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City Regeneration

Release Date: Dec 30, 2010
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Topos 73

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Cities age too; they grow and transform, they are restructured and their landuses change. It is not always a harmonious process. Often inconsistency and dereliction precede a new burst of development that gets things going. The proposals and projects in this issue attest to the different forms that regeneration of urban spaces can take. Some are remodelled industrial sites, some require a long-term visionary concept.

City Regeneration Today

City regeneration is not about building cities that look old. A new Renaissance to overcome the “dark ages” of modernism is no sufficient answer to today’s urban challenges. Planning must be informed by nature, evolution, history and a critical evaluation of existing patterns. Author: Appenzeller, Markus, Gietema, Ruurd

Madrid Rio - Landscape architecture as a political means

The masterplan for a 120-hectare site of a reclaimed river bank and a new urban area in the Spanish capital is based on a trilogy of key areas that provide the basic structure: a riverwalk, a large park and a project to rebuild an urban ensemble. The interventions are to restore the urban fabric. Author: Dobrick, Christian

Naturbania: The Drammen Model - Transformation of a Norwegian city

Diverse approaches, long-term strategies as well as a joint effort between the private and the public have transformed the Norwegian city of Drammen from a “traffic junction” into a celebrated town. After a severe decline during the 1970s and 1980s the centre of the Buskerud region regained its attributes of water, nature and street life. Author: Berg, Helle Benedicte, Sjøwall Oftedal, Julie

2030-2050: Berlin Urban Landscape Strategy

Multi-coding determines the urban landscape development model of Germany’s capital Berlin. The model’s strategy is based on social developments. Author: Becker, Carlo W., Borries, von, Friedrich

Evolution of a city’s identity

The former site of the 1988 World Expo in Brisbane, Australia, now is a popular recreational landscape in the city centre: Brisbane’s South Bank Parklands. Author: Lee, Gini

Seoul as a Landscape System

The role of the modern city landscape needs to be addressed in planning and design for resilience and urban identity. Landscape analysis supports this process. Author: Kuitert, Wybe

Shichahai Lake in Beijing

Large landscapes and the city: at each historic stage, Shichahai Lake has been vital to the generation and regeneration of Beijing, as water supply, commercial dock, natural refuge and public park. Author: Zheng, Xiaodi

Toronto’s Lower Don Lands

The Lower Don Lands project in the Canadian metropolis sets forth an ambitious agenda for a comprehensive, ecologically-based urban design built around a landscape framework of big and small parks, multi-modal connections and newly established wildlife habitat. Author: Gleeson, Rachel

Boston’s Big Dig

Open Space Time and Arteries: Boston’s “Big Dig” and the Rose Kennedy Greenway – a critical appraisal of transforming a major city highway and replacing it with a linear parkland. Author: Krieger, Alex

St. Louis - Large Scale Inner City Regeneration

An exceptionally large and bold private initiative has set a plan to regenerate the NorthSide area, one of the United States’s most derelict neighbourhoods. Beyond new parks and public spaces, the ambitious proposal calls also for social and infrastructural transformation. Author: Moutaud, Isabelle

Lower Manhattan - A New Urban Ground

Author: Drake, Susannah C. , Cassell, Stephen, Yarinsky, Adam

Urbaneering Brooklyn NY 2110 - The Sci-Fi-Based Solution to Climate Change

An intensified version of an autarchic Brroklyn supplies all vital needs fpr its population. Dilapidated structures are replaced with vertical agriculture and housing merged with infrastructure. Visionary operations are not just about a comprehensive model of tomorrow's city, but an initial platform for discourse. Author: Joachim, Mitchell

The Hundred Year Forest - Carbon Offset Forests in the Dispersed Footprint of Fossil Fuel Cities

Carbon offset forests can form a new green urban structure as cities respond to the carbon economy. Blacktown City Council, Wetsern Sydney, has invested in more than 20 urban forests. Author: Hawken, Scott

A Landscape Manifesto

Landscape's role for our time must be redefined. Now. The need is urgent. "A Landscape Manifesto" sketches two major new tasks that come out of such redefinition and shows how they can be accomplished. Author: Balmori, Diana

Be Leaders with a Wide View

Some thoughts on the future of landscape architects and the profesion, globally, and their role in interdisciplinary planning and design practice. Author: Brown, Joseph E.

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